Why Sales People Lie to Their Clients

By Colleen Francis (Sales HQ)

Ask most people to describe a sales person, and likely as not, you’ll find yourself deluged by words like “huckster,” “snake oil peddler,” “fast talker,” “con artist” and, of course, “untrustworthy,” “arrogant” and “dishonest.”

Those of us who work in sales and know ourselves to be fine, upstanding people may wonder exactly what we ever did to earn such an enviable reputation. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is, people who sell for a living do so in an environment that is polluted by a few unscrupulous – but highly visible – individuals, who are more interested in making a short-term buck than they are in creating long-term profitable relationships with their clients. SJP

Even the most well-meaning sales people lie on occasion, and when they’re caught (as they almost invariably are), this only serves to further poison their relationships with their customers – and the selling environment for all of us.

Why sales people lie to their clients…

There are three key reasons why salespeople lie to their clients.