Sales Calls Gone Bad – Know Your Prospects BEFORE You Call

By Jill Harrington (SalesShift Sales Training)

Cold calling is tough!  But, there’s no excuse for laziness or mediocrity.  You have to do your homework before you call a prospect or the call is meaningless and here is the perfect example of why. 

Now, unless you’re a telemarketer dialing for dollars and peddling products, with no interest in building solid business relationships, I know you would never ever think to make a call without knowing something about the person and company you are calling (or e-mailing). And that you would always call with a valid reason. Right?

Let’s face it … only a seriously dumb buyer, or someone with way too much time on their hands, will engage in a conversation with an unknown sales person that has made no effort to understand who they are, what they do and why they might benefit from the call. Buyers aren’t dumb. At least not the ones you want to be talking to.

Every interaction with a prospective client is an opportunity to build credibility… or SJPimmediately kill it. When you get a first, or are lucky enough to be given a second, chance to make a great impression make it count!

Do NOT be this guy!