What Makes a Job Posting Successful?

job postingThere are many ways to craft an appealing job post. You can vary the subject line by location or job title, write a magnetic description, or even use bullet points to highlight certain aspects of the position. However, you won’t achieve great success by only posting job ads. The real success comes from combining multiple recruiting strategies at once.. In addition to posting job ads, you should also solicit passive candidates, network, and use referrals to find the best talent possible.

1. Solicit Passive Candidates

There is a difference between recruiting passive candidates by posting a job ad on your company website and recruiting passive candidates by soliciting potential candidates. Posting job ads will ensure a large quantity of resumes, but not always the best quality. Soliciting candidates allows you to target specific industries, companies, and even competitors for passive candidates who otherwise would not have seen your job posting. These people may not be currently searching for employment, but they may become interested once they view the job description.

2. Networking

Another way to find top talent is by networking. If you don’t know where to begin, try logging on to your LinkedIn account. LinkedIn makes it easy to search for people by keywords, titles, and even your level of connection. Staying actively engaged on LinkedIn and making new connections will increase your chances of finding top talent. Not only does LinkedIn allow you to reach out to candidates, but it allows them to reach out to you personally in a way that isn’t possible through a job board. This shows that a candidate is not only excited about the opportunity, but they also know how to use and engage with technology.

3. Referrals

Referrals are a great way to find top talent, and quickly too. After posting a job ad, you’ll likely have to sort through a mound of resumes, which takes a lot of time and effort. When an employee recommends a candidate to an employer, their resume can be pushed to the top of the stack and often given a close look by a hiring manager. A recommendation in advance from one the company’s employees should be given special attention. When there’s a referral from an employee, there’s a better chance of getting a qualified candidate because they know the work environment and culture and if the candidate would be a good fit.

Job postings are a good way to see a lot of resumes and a lot of interested candidates, but this strategy works best when paired with other ongoing recruiting strategies. Using these  four recruiting strategies will not only help you find a candidate quicker, but it will also help you find the most qualified candidates possible.

What other recruiting strategies do you use to find top talent?