7 Useful iPad Applications for Sales Reps & Salespeople

By Jennifer Birch

iPad sales apps
via liewcf Flickr Creative Commons

We’ve already given you a roundup of must-have apps for sales professionals. This time, we’re going to present a specific list of iPad applications for Sales Reps & Salespeople.

The iPad has come a long way since the time it was released in the market. The device is no longer just for checking mail, watching videos, surfing the internet, and playing some engrossing game, tablets now are considered as one of the gadgets for work productivity. As a matter of fact, U.S. businesses have already adapted tablets for the reason that they help employees get more done. Based on a study by Harris Poll, tablets have increased productivity according to 81 percent of ITDMs, with a majority estimating a productivity increase of 20 percent or more due to tablet adoption.

This goes the same with most sales professionals who find the iPad very efficient when it comes to work. Yet, it could be much useful if it will be installed with apps designed to help you and your sales team perform better and reach your target- from document processors, payment processors to CRMs and among others.

Below are a handful of sales apps to consider to help you increase your sales:

1. Sales Kit

Sales Kit app has a simple interface meant for managing your product catalog, managing clients, and processing orders through your iPad. All information in the app is synced to your Sales Kit account that can be accessed via the internet. It also features offline processing, trouble-free catalog management and invoices. This app is mainly very ideal for salespeople on the go.

2. Handshake Sales Rep Order & Catalog App HD

There are two main functions that Handshake Sales Rep Order does fine: writing sales orders and presenting/managing a catalog. The app is quite powerful considering that it’s designed in a simple manner. A lot of salespeople from different parts of the globe actually use this app as it can be utilized in organizing your catalog better and writing orders faster.

3. CloudOn for presentations

CloudOn is a good tool for sales people since it is incorporated with a Microsoft Office. When it comes to creating documents, tablets are a good alternative to PCs due to its portability design and larger screen. With it, you can create documents using word, PowerPoint presentations, and even spreadsheets. Apparently, it’s a must-have for those who are doing a lot of documentation and what’s great about this app is its Dropbox integration that comes really handy for transferring files and documents.

4. SlideShark

While CloudOn allows you to handle presentations, SlideShark on the other hand, can help you out in your full-fledged sales presentations. Even though the iPad already has Keynote, this app still is a good alternative as it allows you to view and share presentations seamlessly. However, you must take note that this app doesn’t let you create presentations; instead, it just helps you view them, share them and broadcast them.

5. Square Wallet

Square Wallet manages and handles payments on-the-fly. This app is an ultimate choice in handling every aspect of payment processing. With it, you can bill customers/clients right on the spot without having to worry about anything else.

6. Repzio

Repzio app is a full-fledged CRM tool. It stands as the front-end for its complete CRM solution. In relation to this, you can view all of your products, customers, their order history, and sell your products while you’re on the go. What’s truly amazing about this iPad app is that you may customize your presentation of products and catalogs.

7. Meeting Mapper

Meeting Mapper for iPad has a sync feature that enables notes and activities to be transferred to Salesforce, Dropbox, and other online storage tools with just a touch of a button. It has an intuitive interface that allows you to organize and execute your plans much effectively. With it, you can track who attended the meetings, their Stance, Role and Level of Participation, add new contacts to the local contact database, and take detailed notes (both public and private) to send among meeting attendees. This app basically makes it easier for you to gather up and “map” (thus the name) the information you need in a meeting.

It is apparent that most companies today invest in tablets to help them out in their sales. Consequently, there area plethora of apps that can be downloaded to further enhance your ways of selling. And if ever your sales teamuses a tablet in work, perhaps you could also check out some productivity tips to increase your sales.