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• 32,000 opt-in recipients on a monthly basis
• 1,810 plus unique visitors per month with 2,780 pages viewed
• An average of 77% plus new visitors each month
• Monthly interviews with reputable sales and marketing executives
• Targeted audience: Sales Executives, Sales & Marketing Professional Services, Sales & Marketing Best Practice Authors &
C-Level Executives from all industries across North America

Traffic Sources
Direct Traffic 835.00 (46.13%) • Referring Sites 667.00 (36.85%)
Search Engines 218.00 (12.04%) • Other 90 (4.97%
* Traffic Sources based upon 30 day period, results created by Google Analytics

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Online Advertising features daily updates on sales best practices, blog posts from expert guest authors in the sales industry, monthly interviews and bi-weekly blog posts from sales experts and industry professionals.
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With an extensive database of over 32,000 sales & marketing professionals and C-Level Executives, participating in advertising with will get you in front of key decision makers and professionals who will benefit from your offerings. Newsletter sent to 32,000 emails Monthly
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