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How High Performing Salespeople Use LinkedIn | Walker-Stanley Communications

LinkedIn serves as a tool to help people perform many different tasks. Most commonly it is associated with searching for a job. But LinkedIn can also be an invaluable tool for salespeople. From generating leads to keeping track of client updates, it has the tools necessary to turn you into a high performing sales professional. Continue reading to learn some of the ways you can get the most out of LinkedIn from top performing reps.

What other forms of social media can sales professionals utilize?

How High Performing Salespeople Use LinkedIn | Walker-Stanley Communications.

Must Have Apps for Sales Professionals

With new technology comes new channels for sales professionals to find prospective clients and leads. One of the best innovations to utilize in sales are mobile apps. With over 700,000 apps available to download and over 300 being created each day, it can be hard to sift through the ones will be the most useful. Fortunately, we have narrowed these down to a list of 6 apps that we believe are essential for a modern day sales professional to become more efficient and to sell more.

1. LinkedIn by LinkedIn Corporation


LinkedIn is not just for job hunting anymore. It has become the go to place to keep track of and communicate with your professional network. There is a constant stream of status, profile updates and connections from your clients and companies you follow. This will provide you with insight to make a real life connection. Many people will include different projects they’re focusing on and even what teams they are working in. From this you can figure out who the decision makers are and who your target prospects should be. There is even a feature to integrate your Google Calendar to get information on who you’re meeting on different days and the app will match meeting invitees with LinkedIn. Another valuable feature is called “Who’s Viewed Your Updates.” This feature offers insightful data visualization about who is Liking, Viewing, and Commenting on your LinkedIn updates. If someone has viewed your profile it is a good excuse to reach out to them. If you look at someone else’s profile, it may encourage them to check out your profile.

Available for: iphone, ipad, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry

Cost: Free

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What better way to learn a new skill than from playing a game? At the Boardgaming World Championships, contestants compete in competitive games that require coordination and drive to win. From years of boardgame competition, they have learned valuable lessons about leadership. What other activities have you participated in that you have applied in business practices?

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Who better to take leadership advice from than actual CEOs? Examples from Steve Jobs, co-CEO of Wholefoods, Walter Robb, and one of Asia’s richest men, Mukesh Ambani, help provide 7 Leadership Secrets that everyone can learn from.

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4 Tips to Jumpstart Second Half Sales

jumpstartIt’s halfway through July which means that summer vacations and barbecues are in full swing. It also means that it’s time for mid-year assessments and plan adjustments. Instead of waiting until October or November to assess your financial situation, get ahead and start identifying issues today.

Here are 4 things that you can do now to help improve sales.

1. Identify and coach poor performers

Poor performers are holding you back. In an article on, sales performance management company Xactly found that “40 percent of sales teams finish their with less than 80 percent of their quotas filled.”  You need to evaluate poor performing reps to get to the root of the problem. Is the issue skill or motivation? If it is skill, then explore opportunities for training. If the problem is motivation, then perhaps contact a sales recruiter to start looking for a replacement or look internally at your own leadership and see if there is more you can do to create the right environment.

2. Review accounts that are stuck in the sales process

Often there will be a set of accounts that are moving much slower than normal through the sales process. Most likely the accounts are not fully qualified or aren’t ready to buy. Alternatively, perhaps the sales rep is not positioned properly in the account or isn’t good at closing the particular buyer type. In either case, get involved in helping the rep to unlock accounts and uncover the true reasons for lack of progress. If necessary, enlist other members of the team to assist in closing the sale.

3. Provide strong performers with additional support

Strong performers are likely counting for a large percentage of your results. Can you arrange for additional support so that they can cover more accounts? For example, have a junior representative handle smaller account renewals or follow-ups on certain types of issues.  Or, pull in additional administrative support to assist with paperwork or setting appointments.   For additional thoughts, check out this Salesjournal post about Using the Strengths of Your Sales Team to Accelerate Growth.

4. Evaluate your current sales strategy

It’s essential to assess the plans that were made at the start of the year in order to figure out what has or hasn’t been working. Have things changed in your market that you can’t control? What is the performance gap between the sales goals and actual results? You may need to shift emphasis to different product lines, sales channels or account types based on how the market is receiving your solutions. The key is to take a proactive approach to addressing the weaknesses in your plan.

The good news is that you still have over 5 months to reach your annual revenue goals. By taking action and evaluating your current situation now, it will make reaching those goals more attainable.

What other areas do you consider when making mid-year sales adjustments?