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What Makes a Job Posting Successful?

job postingThere are many ways to craft an appealing job post. You can vary the subject line by location or job title, write a magnetic description, or even use bullet points to highlight certain aspects of the position. However, you won’t achieve great success by only posting job ads. The real success comes from combining multiple recruiting strategies at once.. In addition to posting job ads, you should also solicit passive candidates, network, and use referrals to find the best talent possible.

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Do I Have the Right Sales Candidate?

By Caitlin Howard (Naviga Recruiting & Executive Search)

When hiring a new sales representative, it’s important to find someone that will fit into your organization and be successful. A resume will only tell you so much about a person, but sometimes you need to know more about their behaviors to make sure they’re a fit. Keep reading to learn about three predictors for future sales success to avoid hiring the wrong person.

Do I Have the Right Sales Candidate? 

Do I Have the Right Sales Candidate

What Is the Ideal Experience Level for Potential Sales Reps?

What Is the Ideal Experience LevelWhen creating a job description for a new sales rep, people often struggle with how many years of experience they should require for the position. Since every sales position varies, it’s important to figure out the right amount of experience needed for each specific job. Evaluating the job duties, work location, your budget, and your training methods can provide insight into how many years of experience you should require. Use these four factors to help you find not only the right experience level, but also a good candidate for the job.

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3 Early Warning Signs When Hiring Sales Reps

3 early warning signsWhen recruiting sales reps, the best time to start the evaluation process is from the very first interaction with the candidate. A candidate’s responsiveness, professionalism, and respectfulness are all characteristics that can be judged well before the actual interview. These three key intangible characteristics will help indicate whether a sales rep will be successful in the future or not. A candidate that possesses all three characteristics is not guaranteed success, however, not having even one of these items should rule out the candidate for sure.

What Recruiters Look for in Sales Resumes

pile of resumesAfter posting a new position on a job board or company website, you will often become inundated with resumes, phone calls and emails. It can be time consuming and tedious to sort through the large volume of resumes and inquiries, even with a large staff. Use these 3 indicators to discern top sales talent from candidate resumes and determine whether a candidate will move forward in the hiring process, or get moved into the ‘no’ pile.

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Don’t miss out on hundreds of eager, qualified candidates! Continue reading to learn how to develop your own mobile recruiting strategy and capitalize on the growing number of candidates who search and apply for jobs on mobile devices.

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