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The Top 25 Recruiting Trends, Problems, and Opportunities for 2014, Part 1 of 2 –

It’s never too early to start planning for the new year! Whether you’re in corporate HR or you’re responsible for the HR duties at a small business, you need to learn about the hottest recruiting strategies and opportunities happening in 2014.

Which of these opportunities will you pursue in 2014?

The Top 25 Recruiting Trends, Problems, and Opportunities for 2014, Part 1 of 2 –


Common Sales Hiring Mistakes

hiring mistakesIt’s no secret that hiring a sales representative is a difficult task, but oftentimes the sales hiring managers make this task even harder by committing detrimental mistakes during the hiring process. Through years of experience, Kathleen Steffey, CEO of Naviga Recruiting & Executive Search, narrowed down the top 3 sales hiring mistakes she witnesses on a daily basis. Hiring a job hopper, hiring based on personality, and hiring solely on industry experience are common misjudgments that will likely leave you disappointed in your placement and back to trolling the job boards.

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Can Employers Control Their Employees’ LinkedIn Profiles?

By Adrienne Erin | Recruiting Blogs

An employee’s personal LinkedIn profile is not only a reflection of themselves, but also a reflection on their employer. Although companies can’t dictate what content employees publish on their personal profiles, they can subtly influence what an employee posts. Continue reading for ideas on how to encourage and educate your employees to post positive content.

Does the content in your LinkedIn personal profile positively reflect your employer? Why or why not?

employees on computers

How To Survive The Great January Talent Exodus

By Drew Zarges | Sales Benchmark Index

Don’t get caught off guard this January by departing “A” players. Read these 6 steps on how to handle talent exodus now, so you won’t be unprepared later.

What plans have you already made to survive the January exodus?

How To Survive The Great January Talent Exodus

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Intangible Characteristics of Top Sales Reps

When hiring a salesperson, it’s easy to define the qualities you are looking for in a potential candidate; professional, hardworking, and talented to name a few. What’s not so easy, is deciphering if they are going to perform in the future from the short interactions you have with them during the hiring process.

Naivga CEO, Kathleen Steffey, has compiled key characteristics of top sales reps that will indicate their future behavior. Watch this video to learn about the key intangible characteristics of top sales reps.

What characteristics are a must-have for top sales reps? 

Intangibles of Sales

Psychological Profiles of the Dream Team: The Champ (and the Chip) | New Talent Times

Want to know the characteristics of an ideal salesperson?

Software Advice, a company that helps buyers find the right software, collaborated with a workforce psychologist to identify four distinct psychological profiles of their best employees, the right roles for them and how to hire more employees just like them.

The Champ is the second profile in the series, “The Psychological Profiles of a Dream Team” and profiles the ideal high-performing salesperson. The article describes the characteristics of a champ and what roles they would be best suited in and why. Read more to find out the traits of the Champ and why they would make a successful salesperson.

What characteristics do you think would make an ideal salesperson?

Psychological Profiles of the Dream Team: The Champ (and the Chip)New Talent Times.

The Champ

Want Top Talent? Rethink Benefits!

This post is Part 5 in a Salesjournal Series on “Making Your Business Attractive to Top Talent.”  Part 1 asked “Is Your Business Attractive to Top Talent?”, Part 2 described how to “Market Your Company and Positions to Attract Top Talent”, Part 3 outlined ways to “Cultivate Your Network to Attract Top Talent“, and Part 4 detailed “3 Steps to Attract Top Talent Through Culture”.

benefitsThe word ‘benefits’ often conjures up the image of 401K plans and insurance coverage. While these benefits are certainly important, often these items are minimum requirements for prospective employees and are not the real decision factors when choosing a new employer. Talented professionals are often attracted to companies that match their personal goals and interests.

As a starting point, what do your current employees find attractive about your company? Is it your company’s values, mission, or work environment? How is your company different from other firms in this respect?  If possible, clearly identify unique reasons why people would want to work for you versus another company across town.  Write it down.  Share it in your job descriptions, in your candidate screening, and in your interviews – make it concrete and real to your applicants.

As President of Naviga, a North American Sales Recruitment agency, I am exposed to many unique companies that want to upgrade the talent in their organizations.  When asking the question “Why should someone come to work for your company?”, the response is often about salary or the benefits package.  Most candidates make decisions on lots of other factors. A few of the factors that we see affecting employer choice for top performers includes having a shared mission, providing opportunities for growth, and encouraging work-life balance.

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