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Sales and Marketing: The New Power Couple – a Peppers & Rogers White Paper


This white paper will review the obstacles to making business development a team sport and then will present best practices around people, process and technology for aligning the sales and marketing organization.

Through insight from thought leader Don Peppers will highlight key elements, including strategy, process, applications, and enabling technologies for bringing sales and marketing closer together. And, they will propose a closed-loop framework for sales and marketing to achieve a collaborative, unified and holistic approach. The result: seamless communication and tracking to produce the most valuable customer relationships.

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Gear Up for Success: 8 Steps to Get Sales & Marketing Cranking in Unison

Without alignment between sales and marketing, organizations can’t operate at their full potential. images (1)

To date, sales and marketing have managed to get by, largely by doing end runs around each other. But changes in the B2B selling environment – namely that the buyer is in control and holding sales reps at arm’s length – have made it more urgent than ever to get sales and marketing truly working as one.

The classic lack of alignment between sales and marketing is threatening the livelihood of many B2B organizations. That’s because today’s buyers are seeking more than solution providers – they’re looking for trusted advisors who understand their challenges and goals and can help them move smoothly down the path to purchase. Sales and marketing need to sell the way their target audience wants to buy. And achieving complete sales and marketing alignment is the key to connecting with today’s prospects. In creating this eBook, Stephanie culled insights from blog posts and articles online, and interviewed leading experts for ideas and recommendations you can put into play today. Discover concrete ways you can better align your sales and marketing teams – and engage prospects and convert them into customers.

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LinkedIn App to Offer Details About Who’s Emailing You

Are you ever hesitant to open an email from a name you don’t recognize? Now what if that email included a bio of the email sender with a photo and his or her title, all in your inbox? That’s exactly what the new Linked In app, called LinkedIn Intro, will provide to users. Read more for details about everything the app will include and how to use it to your advantage.

Do you think there are any disadvantages of having this information available?

LinkedIn App to Offer Details About Who’s Emailing You.


How to Get Sales from Referrals and Why They’re So Important

By Steve Noone O’Connor (Athena)

Before we jump into how to get sales from referrals lets answer the why — why is referralimages selling so important? The short answer is because you are pre-sold and that almost always ensures a shorter sales cycle. Being pre-sold gets you get access to decision makers faster and increases you chances of closing a sale. Your chances of closing a deal increases because people don’t make buying decisions without some research and outside opinion, that opinion comes from colleagues, friends and family so impress them (your current clients) and the network of referrals will undoubtedly follow.
So we now know why referral selling is so important, lets shift the focus to see how to get sales from referrals.

Try these response strategies when prospects ask tough questions…

By Michael Boyette (Top Sales Dog Blog) images

One essential ingredient in a winning sales call is your ability to field tough questions a skeptical prospect will ask. How you respond makes a huge difference.

Trouble is, far too many salespeople spend their prep time thinking and rehearsing what they plan to say on a call – and not enough time getting ready for questions a prospect is likely to ask.

Here are six response strategies that can set you apart.

How to Share Stories that Build Business Relationships – It’s all in the Frame

be The Red Jacket in a sea of gray suits

By Leanne Hoagland Smith

Do you know how to share your message? Building relationships requires connecting on a deeper level and how you frame who you are can make a difference. Here’s How to Be the Red Jacket in a Sea of Gray Suits!

When you are out busy at those business networking events meeting new prospects, what story do you tell them? No, I am not referring to a fairy tale, but rather your own personal story that shares what you do instead of tells what you do.

Stories are a powerful way to share you message while simultaneously building the critical relationships needed in today’s business world. One of the best story tellers was Leo Burnett, founder of Burnett Advertising. He created The Jolly Green Giant, The Pillsbury Doughboy, Tony the Tiger, the Marlboro Man, Charlie the Tuna and many more.

Stories allow the inherent drama (what Burnett invented) to shine. And the more often that you can connect the prospect’s belief system (foundation for all experiences), the more success you will have with your story.[...Continue Reading...]


By Bill Tamminga, SEO Expert & Founder of TM&C

There are five major external forces that affect your sales and marketing efforts:

1.The General Economy
2.Social Beliefs and Attitudes

They operate outside of any specific organization and companies are, for the most part, at their mercy. Are these forces hindering or enhancing your success right now?

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