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The Importance of a Good Sales Compensation Plan

By Nick Kane (Janek Performance Group)

CoinsImagine you decided to go on road trip—woo hoo!—only you didn’t pack a stitch of clothing, you didn’t bother with a map or GPS, you didn’t fuel up the car, you didn’t put in a vacation request at work, and you had no destination in mind. Mentally, you’d be 99 pennies short of a dollar, and you’d get about as far as the end of your driveway before having to stop the car, go back into the house, and get a grip.

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Are You Using These 7 Secret LinkedIn Tactics?

By Jamie Shanks (Sales for Life)

We all know LinkedIn can be a useful tool for social selling and connecting with prospects. But what you might not know are how you going about doing this. Learn 7 secret LinkedIn tactics that will help you sell more efficiently and effectively.

Are You Using These 7 Secret LinkedIn Tactics?


Sales Leaders, Are You Micromanaging the Wrong Metrics?

By Scott Edinger (Pipeliner CRM Blog)

Did you make it your goal to spend more time coaching and mentoring your sales reps this year? Then make sure you’re focusing your efforts on the right things. Learn what sales activities you should focus on that will have the greatest impact for your sales reps.

Sales Leaders, Are You Micromanaging the Wrong Metrics? 


2015 Fast Start Guide for Salespeople [SlideShare]

By Emma Snider (HubSpot Sales Blog)

2015 means a new quota and new goals for salespeople, but it can often be hard to know where to begin. Keep reading to learn what salespeople should do during the first 30 days of 2015, best practices they should adopt, and the best advice from top salespeople.

2015 Fast Start Guide for Salespeople [SlideShare]

Fast Start Guide For Salespeople

7 Useful iPad Applications for Sales Reps & Salespeople

By Jennifer Birch

iPad sales apps

via liewcf Flickr Creative Commons

We’ve already given you a roundup of must-have apps for sales professionals. This time, we’re going to present a specific list of iPad applications for Sales Reps & Salespeople.

The iPad has come a long way since the time it was released in the market. The device is no longer just for checking mail, watching videos, surfing the internet, and playing some engrossing game, tablets now are considered as one of the gadgets for work productivity. As a matter of fact, U.S. businesses have already adapted tablets for the reason that they help employees get more done. Based on a study by Harris Poll, tablets have increased productivity according to 81 percent of ITDMs, with a majority estimating a productivity increase of 20 percent or more due to tablet adoption.

This goes the same with most sales professionals who find the iPad very efficient when it comes to work. Yet, it could be much useful if it will be installed with apps designed to help you and your sales team perform better and reach your target- from document processors, payment processors to CRMs and among others.

Below are a handful of sales apps to consider to help you increase your sales:

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