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14 Ways to Fix Your Out-of-Control Schedule and Maximize Productivity

By Young Entrepreneur Council (

Work-life balance does exist and even people with the most out-of-control schedules can achieve it. Learn how to manage your to-do list with real tips from 14 young entrepreneurs.

How do you manage your to-do list?

14 Ways to Fix Your Out-of-Control Schedule and Maximize Productivity 

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The Tyranny of the Urgent

By Bill Brown  (

Parkinson’s Principle, “Work expands to fulfill all available time.”

th7T32TIPHHave you ever completed a work week only to find out the important things you set out to do were not accomplished?  Oh, you were busy alright.  You sent out countless emails, returned numerous phone calls, and attended essential meetings.  After-hours you updated your CRM, worked on proposals, and squeezed in some time for your family.  Boy!  You were really productive.  But those important things? Those critical things?  They are still on your to-do list for next week.  Somehow they just didn’t get done.  And now they are joined by other must-dos.  The result is an avalanche of tasks that threaten to sweep you away.  Is that a white flag I see you waving?

To varying degrees we all face the above scenario.  The better we are at our jobs the more tasks we usually find on our plates. And we deserve a rousing ovation!  Somehow we find a way to get the necessary things done.  The customer is taken care of.  The boss gets his report.  Our families see us during daylight hours.  But the pressure and stress is enormous, and we never seem to get over the top.

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Why People Who Sleep Longer Achieve More

By Michael Hyatt | Intentional Leadership

People often brag about how busy they are or working long hours, but rarely do people brag about how much sleep they got the night before. But sleep actually has more benefits than you may think. Keep reading to learn how getting more sleep can actually make you more productive and help you achieve more.

On average, how many hours of sleep do you get a week?

Why People Who Sleep Longer Achieve More

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How to Prepare for a Valuable Sales Discovery Session

By Brian Walsh (Business 2 Community)


Know Where You’re Going. Understand Where You’ve Been.

If you want to truly understand how you can help your client, you need to assess what you know. A call with someone you’ve never met before is very different than one where you have some background. This may seem like an elementary point, but I’ve seen way too many salespeople approach all their discovery calls the same way. As a result, they miss opportunities to change their conversation in a way that connects them to buyer value drivers. The prep is critical for many reasons, and it starts with two simple questions:

  1. Where am I in the account?
  2. Where am I not?

Remember the “Who”

Effective preparation doesn’t end there. A lot of salespeople make the mistake by only asking those questions. They focus their discovery only on the account white space, or if it’s a new account, where they think they have the biggest chance of making a sale. That information is important, but you need to consider the “who.”

Research from CSO Insights shows that three or more individuals are involved in the final B2B buying decision. Your challenge as a salesperson is to articulate your solution’s value and differentiation in a way that shows the business impact to each of these decision makers. You won’t be successful in showing your business impact to this key group if you don’t follow an effective discovery process.

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