How to Stay Current on LinkedIn

By Chad Brooks (Business News Daily)

It’s now easier than ever to manage and discover new groups on LinkedIn. Keep reading to learn how to navigate this new design and tips on how to start a conversation in your LinkedIn groups.

How often do you start conversations in your LinkedIn groups?

How to Stay Current on LinkedIn


Build Relationships to Earn Sales

By  (Business 2 Community)

Would you rather purchase from a serious, black-and-white-type salesperson, or one who is easy to talk with and who might also become a good friend?

While that might sound like a dumb question, too many business and salespeople are images (1)afraid to go out of narrowly defined boundaries. They ignore references to personal events such as upcoming family gatherings or tickets to a show.

As a business professional, make it a part of your business development process to get to know your prospective client on a personal level, too. While in conversation, and hearing of a situation non-related to business proper, that event is most likely foremost on their mind. Treat the conversation as confidential. Pose inquiring questions to learn more and respond appropriately. Doing so serves to build the relationship. [...Continue Reading...]


Mistakes Are Better Than Regrets

By Tibor Shanto - (Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.)

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a sales person say “I should have …”, I could start working a three day week. And for all the coulda shmoudas, the risk for not acting was not that much greater than not acting, but the rewards always measurably bigger. I have never understood how some can live better with the regret of not having gotten a sale because they did not act, versus worrying about not getting an account because of a mistake they made attempting.

We worry about making mistakes when it comes to accounts, or meetings, usually unnecessarily so, and usually due to a lack of a proper pursuit plan, or process. Process here refers to a set of necessary and common-sense activities required to move the sale to close, executed in a logical and sequential stages, not something overly complex just for the sake of being complex, or more expensive. But the ‘process’ is not the end all and be all, as many mistakenly believe, it is the jumping point, the platform that allows you to act and measure progress and recalibrate when needed, but none of that matters till you act. It is when you act and make mistakes that you can correct, vary, and act again. Mistakes can be corrected, regrets you just carry around like so much luggage.

images (1)This unfolds with meetings as well, I often hear sales people say after the fact “I should have asked…” So why don’t they? One simple reason, they didn’t write their questions down in advance, and simply forgot, they didn’t want to look amateurish, but many buyers tell me they just see that as being prepared. More often sellers tell me they didn’t want to sound foolish asking such a simple question. What’s the old question: “do you want to be rich or look cool?”

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3 Leadership Strategies That Improve Sales Performance

Yesware by Lydia Dishman

Sales leaders are often under a lot of pressure and time constraints, which can result in quick decisions and short-term fixes. Keep reading for 3 leadership strategies that will prevent these mishaps and improve sales performance.

What other strategies could help sales leaders improve sales performance?

3 Leadership Strategies That Improve Sales Performance – Yesware Blog.

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Territory Management – An Important Link in the Sales Performance Management Chain

By Jerry Hegarty

mapSales Performance Management is a term that has evolved over the past few years to describe the process of measuring and rewarding sales performance. In the past, similar industry terminology such asSales Incentive Compensation Management (ICM), Enterprise Incentive Management (EIM), and many other acronyms were popularized by consultants and practitioners to describe the same fundamental process of measuring and rewarding sales achievement. Practitioners using the term Sales Performance Management typically refer to three keystone elements to the process;

  • Territory Management – The scope of responsibility
  • Quota –  goals and targets
  • Sales Commissions and Incentive Compensation Management – Timely and accurate feedback in the form of calculated performance achievement, earnings & reports.

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Your Guide to Sales and Marketing Alignment

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Learn how marketing automation can help your marketing team focus on passing along the right leads, and your sales team can focus on closing deals.

If your sales and marketing teams are constantly at each other’s throats, it might be time to consider a solution that can help automate lead qualification and assignment, take the tedium out of lead nurturing, and improve marketing accountability with accurate ROI reporting. This white paper will discuss:

  • How marketing automation can improve communication between your two teams
  • How lead nurturing can save time and reduce tensions by preventing leads from slipping through the cracks
  • How accurate reporting can help tie marketing spend to revenue, putting marketing and sales on the same team when it comes to revenue attribution

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The Danger of Upselling in Sales

By Ian Altman (Grow My Revenue)

Anyone who has ever placed an order at a fast food restaurant has heard the question images“Would you like fries with that?” Fast food establishments use this technique, referred to as upselling, to grow the size of an order. It is easy to understand why upselling is effective in a food establishment: Your guest is already dining with you, so offering something to complement their meal is not seen as too pushy. Often, the average sale could increase by 20%. But, in business-to-business sales, upselling is a dangerous tactic. [...Continue Reading...]