6 Powerful Communication Tips From Some Of The World’s Best Interviewers

Fast Company by Courtney Seiter

Great communication skills are not just reserved for journalists or writers. Having these skills can help in every day conversations at work and with networking too. Keep reading for 6 communication tricks from professional interviewers to help make you the best conversationalist in the room.

What are you favorite conversation starters?

6 Powerful Communication Tips From Some Of The World’s Best Interviewers

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No One Hears Your Pounding Heart! The Ultimate Guide to Presentation Confidence

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Seeking Success: Do You Ask For Help?

By Daniel Newman (MillennialCEO.com)  


Have you ever had the chance to sit down with someone that you consider really successful and asked them to describe the pivotal moment or moments that changed the course of their lives?

Undoubtedly those moments will vary from one success story to the next, but there is something that I almost guarantee each of these people and their stories will have in common…They all had help.

Whether a great mentor, an inspiring teacher or perhaps some financial support, it is almost inevitable that the most successful people didn’t go at it alone.
That isn’t to suggest for even a moment that each great success story wasn’t achieved through a relentless commitment to success and to overcoming every hurdle that crossed their path.

However, what I am suggesting is that the great ones were willing to do something that so often alludes us. They asked for help. Which ultimately means they put their pride aside momentarily in order to keep their ambitions moving forward.

[...Continue Reading...]

“Sad Talk” in the Workplace

By Sam Parker (Give More Blog)

“How was your weekend?” the banker asked me.

“Very nice,” I said. “And yours?”

“Not long enough,” she said.

(so much mediocrity … so little time)

I looked around to see if my wife, kids, or colleagues at work might be watching. I thought perhaps this was staged to watch the springs pop out of my head.



I understand not everyone enjoys their work. I understand small talk clichés. But no one should complain about work to their customer or suggest to a customer that they’d like to be doing anything other than helping them. Ever. [...Continue Reading...]

Do You Have the Right Sales Personality and Attitude?

By Gustavo J. Chavez – Salesforce Blog


In a previous post, 5 Essential Traits of a Sales Champion, we covered some important traits of those salespeople with a success-leading attitude, including:

  • Happily engaging in conversation
  • Lending a helping hand
  • Creatively solving problems
  • Committing to follow through
  • Delivering a rockstar presentation

As important as these points are, there are many other ways for sales professionals to adopt a game-changing mental outlook. Here are four more tips to help build that perfect sales attitude.

Managing Conflict in Meetings

By Mind Tools – Essential Skills for an excellent career.

 Handling Disagreements on the Spotimages

Many of us have experienced tension and conflict in meetings. This can be exciting and energizing, but it can also hurt the team’s progress and morale. If you’re in charge of a meeting and conflict occurs, what is your role? How do you restore peace? How can you assure that these conflicts don’t harm your work?

While you can’t always prevent conflict in meetings, there are many things you can do to stop disagreements from damaging your team’s wider goals. Consider the following:

  • Can you set up your meeting to reduce the risk of conflict?
  • How do you turn the conflict and tension into a positive force, and one that generates better solutions and results?
  • Can you reduce the negative impact of conflict?
  • How can you help those involved accept the situation when consensus isn’t possible?

We’ll look at each of these. As we do so, remember that there are two separate underlying reasons for conflict in meetings. [...Continue Reading...]

Five Biggest Mistakes Made at Networking Events

By Debbie Bradley, Business Development Advisor, Bradley Sales

Business people spend a lot of time and money attending networking events.  So why are there so many folks attending these events unprepared to reap the benefits?


Here are the most common comments I’m hearing from people just like you.