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Make Your Team Smarter Overnight

, Contributor (Forbes)

What if you could become smarter overnight?

images (1)What if you could tap into more parts of your brain to increase innovation, creativity, emotional engagement, vision?


You can.

Here are my 5 favorite brain-based tools to make your team smarter overnight.

Feel free to share these with your team and friends. You’ll find these and more tools in my book SmartTribes.

No One Hears Your Pounding Heart! The Ultimate Guide to Presentation Confidence

Offered Free by: Anne Miller

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This guide will share both tried and true techniques to boost confidence as well as many that may surprise you.

50+ proven (and sometimes surprising) tips and strategies to help you be cool, calm, and confident  in presentations. Ideas have been collected from a business survey, Harvard research, celebrities, thought leaders, and the author’s 25 years of presentation coaching and training.

Learn how to deal with confidence killers:

  • The night before your presentationw_anne01c
  • The morning of the event
  • Before you enter the room, &
  • In the room

Examples include:

  • What the publisher of a top business magazine does to pull it together before a presentation
  • What the world’s most famous opera singer did to feel less alone on stage
  • How the Chief Marketing Officer of a Fortune 100 company camouflages nerves

Download this eBook today and never “lose it” again!


How the Best Sales VPs Structure Sales Training to Optimize Talent | InsightSquared

Sales executives often mistake sales talent as either you have it, or you don’t. Learn how the best Sales VPs dismiss that notion and continuously develop sales talent through 4 crucial stages.

What are some other differences you’ve seen between average Sales VPs and exceptional Sales VPs?

How the Best Sales VPs Structure Sales Training to Optimize Talent | InsightSquared.

sales vp structure training

Career Mojo: 3 tricks to winning a job in this hyper-competitive economy

Dana Manciagli , Contributing Writer (The Business Journals)

Have you played competitive sports? Yes, winning takes a little bit of luck, but it mostly requires skill. images

In this new era of job search, you need to be the best. To win a job today, you can have no unforced errors, you need practice and preparation, and you must be “on your game” at all times.

Most job seekers forget the feeling, the emotion and the discipline required to compete for employment. While there are jobs available in the market today, more people are applying per job than ever before. It’s really competitive out there!

As an ex-nationally-ranked tennis player and 30-year veteran of the job search process, I’ve been there! Here are three things I recommend you do to insure you are ready to win.


HR November Poll

4 Ways To Make Your Workspace More Productive

By Issie Lapowsky | Inc. magazine images

Researchers have found some utterly surprising ways to minimize distractions and insert subtle signals to help your staff focus.

What’s happening around you can be just as important as what’s going on in your head. Open floor plans might promote collaboration, but they are clearly hotbeds of distraction. So there’s a trade-off: More collaboration, less productivity.

Other research has yielded more surprising results.[…Continue Reading…]

40 Qualities of Successful Sales People


For Brad Shorr’s coaching and advising program, he compiled this list of qualities that sales people should develop to the best of their ability. Here they are – please let us know if you have any to add!

1. Prompt
2. Hard working
3. Ethical
4. Always listening
5. Asking the right questions
6. Sincere
7. Creative
8. Full of empathy
9. Positive
10. Organized
11. Attentive to detail
12. Thoroughly prepared
13. Good humored
14. Focused
15. Resourceful

[…Read all 40…]

Looking over this list, …is it possible for a person to excel in all these things? Are some of them mutually exclusive? For instance, can one person be a great strategist and a great tactician?

Which are the most important qualities?