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Common Sales Hiring Mistakes

hiring mistakesIt’s no secret that hiring a sales representative is a difficult task, but oftentimes the sales hiring managers make this task even harder by committing detrimental mistakes during the hiring process. Through years of experience, Kathleen Steffey, CEO of Naviga Recruiting & Executive Search, narrowed down the top 3 sales hiring mistakes she witnesses on a daily basis. Hiring a job hopper, hiring based on personality, and hiring solely on industry experience are common misjudgments that will likely leave you disappointed in your placement and back to trolling the job boards.

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7 Deadly Sins of Sales Managers | Inc.com

Struggling sales teams are more often than not the result of poor management. Continue reading to find out some of the worst mistakes sales managers make and how changing these actions will lead to improved results.

Are you guilty of committing these 7 deadly sins?

7 Deadly Sins of Sales Managers | Inc.com.

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