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14 Ways to Fix Your Out-of-Control Schedule and Maximize Productivity

By Young Entrepreneur Council (Inc.com)

Work-life balance does exist and even people with the most out-of-control schedules can achieve it. Learn how to manage your to-do list with real tips from 14 young entrepreneurs.

How do you manage your to-do list?

14 Ways to Fix Your Out-of-Control Schedule and Maximize Productivity 

calendar and sticky notes

7 Best Note Taking Apps

Brett Nuckles (Business News Daily)

Before jotting down notes on scattered Post-it notes during your next prospect call, consider taking notes digitally. Not only will this help prevent your notes from getting lost, but digital notes are also searchable so you can always find what you’re looking for. Continue reading for 7 of the best apps for digital note taking.

Do you prefer to take notes on paper or digitally?

7 Best Note Taking Apps

note taking apps


Prospecting Using Evernote – Part I | Real Life Selling

Many prospects these days can easily hide behind voicemail or email. It takes a systematic prospecting approach and follow up procedure just to get them on the phone. Evernote can help ease the tension by organizing all of your contact information and calling details all in one easy to use source.

What are some other tools that help you stay organized while prospecting?

Prospecting Using Evernote – Part I | Real Life Selling.


Are You Message-Ready to Achieve Your Goals?

By Kevin Steffey

Are your marketing messages ready to help you achieve sales plans?When you review the recent performance of your company against your sales plans and look forward on what needs to be done to accomplish your goals, a key item to review is your message to the market and your internal team.  Especially if you are adjusting your strategies to help achieve your plans, it is important to make sure your messaging is aligned to the changes.

A few items to review to see if you are message-ready to achieve your goals include:

  1. Is your message aligned with customer needs?  

Are you speaking the language of your customers and are you speaking to them when and where they can hear you?  Understanding the normal business cycle of your customers and positioning the correct message when they are ready to buy your product is key.  Review your messaging and your materials to see if you have relevant information for the different stages of their buying cycle.

  1. Is your message focused on your targeted products or clients?

If you are changing your product mix to take advantage of a hot product or targeting specific customers most likely to buy those products before the end of the year to hit your plan, do you have the materials ready to take advantage of this focus.  Often companies’ marketing materials development lags shifts in focus.  Make sure that special offers, sales campaigns, sell sheets, website, and social media editorial content all align and emphasize any update in your direction to hit plan.

  1. Is your message consistently communicated throughout your organization?

Have you communicated your short-term to intermediate-term focus to all your customer-facing organizations?  Have each of those organizations effectively adapted their communications to emphasize or capitalize on your new direction? Customer service, sales, marketing, customer training, and other areas should each have a plan for how to maximize opportunities in the focus areas.  Outline your offers, product messaging and key customer qualifying criteria that align to any updated plans you have.

  1. Is your message adapted for your different communication channels?

Messages have their greatest impact when all communication channels are complementing each other with consistent messages.  Review your website, social media profiles / posts, sales scripts, email campaigns and promotions, newsletters to ensure that the strategy and content for each of these channels is in line with your updated plans and objectives.  Also, leverage the uniquenesses of each channel to see if one or the other is better able to help achieve the short term objectives of hitting your plans.
By quickly assessing your organization against these key questions, and adjusting your activities to address any gaps, you will set up your business to capitalize on your potential opportunities.

Kevin Steffey is President of Naviga Recruiting & Executive Search, a national Sales and Marketing Recruitment firm.  Kevin and Naviga have a passion for sales and marketing positions due to their direct impact on the growth of their customers. Check out www.navigarecruiting.com to engage a partner in growing and developing your team.