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Sales Coaching Practices That Get Big Results

By Mike Kunkle  (LinkedIn.com)

One of the most important jobs a sales leader has is to find ways to get better results from your team.  Learn how to maximize the results of your sales team and how to avoid getting caught up in the whirlwind of daily activity.

Sales Coaching Practices That Get Big Results

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Want To Motivate Your Sales Team? Try Something Other Than Money

By Anum Hussain (HubSpot)

The key to motivating your sales team is not always money. Learn other ways your sales team wants to be rewarded and improve your relationships with your sales reps at the same time.

What do you do to motivate your sales team?

Want To Motivate Your Sales Team? Try Something Other Than Money

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Six Ways You Can Instill a Sense of Urgency in Your Sales Team

By Greg Lhamon on The New Sales Coach 

Oftentimes, our best work is produced on a tight deadline because we are forced to focus. Learn how to remove complacency and instill a sense of urgency in your sales team to receive the best results.

Six Ways You Can Instill a Sense of Urgency in Your Sales Team

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The Evolution of Sales: Survival Guide

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Old-school selling is on the brink of extinction. Learn how to adapt and survive in this free eBook.

Sales experts from the world’s foremost brands help you close more deals and grow your business with survival tools for adapting to the new, social era of selling.

  • Scott Tapp, PGi
  • Ralf VonSosen, LinkedIn
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  • Tamara Schenk, Miller Heiman Research Institute
  • Brendan Cournoyer, Brainshark
  • Nita Shah, Hubspot

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Key Performance Indicators for Sales People

By Chris Joseph (Chron.com)

Getting the most out of your sales force is essential for gaining a competitive edge. However, if you don’t have mechanisms in place to measure the performance of your salespeople, you may not know for sure if they are operating at peak efficiency. thT9Y1MTJL


Examining some key sales performance indicators can provide a wealth of valuable information.

Sales Probing Questions That are Key to Understanding a Customers Needs.

By Matt G (The Sales Corner)

There’s one search happening on Google that seems to bring a fair amount of traffic to The Sales Corner. The search is “Sales Probing Questions.” The people searching these terms are generally looking for information on how to establish the correct questions to ask their customers. They are looking for magic tools to help them decide what are the right questions or not. I wish I could tell you what questions always work, but the truth is that you have to deal with a lot of trial and error in any sales environment.

th7T32TIPHThe goal is to increase sales or marketing visibility. In order to do this effectively you need to remain in constant production. The problem is that a lot of sales people, don’t know how to go about this in a way that’s beneficial, and doesn’t waste their time, or the customers time. Often times they get burned out.

Here are five Sales Probing Questions below that you can use to immediately start to impact your customer relationships. As a sales rep I pride myself on knowing my customers and what their problems are, and what makes them happy. You’ll find benefit in the same!

Good Prospect, Bad Prospect

By Colleen Francis (Engage Selling)

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to sell to everyone that comes into your pipeline.

I know, it’s intuitive as a salesperson to sell as much as possible, but effective salespeople know how to pick and choose which prospects to sell to. They know the good from the bad. th7T32TIPH

The reality is, not every prospect is an ideal candidate for your product or service. The sooner you learn this important lesson, the sooner you can focus on the prospects that are ideal candidates for you to work with.

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