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Jump Start the Second Half of 2014: 3 Analytics-Based Metrics to Boost Sales Performance

By Sean Gordon, CEO of Intelliverse

Mid-year is a great time to go back to the drawing board to evaluate your mid-year sales figures and see where you truly stand. The good news is there’s still time to make some smart mid-course adjustments even if you may have made some bold and fearless sales forecasts back in December that are now lagging.

Whether you’re a novice or pro, there are key sales management metrics that can be used to measure and align performance to reach your desired outcomes and results. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are simple metrics tied to targets. They usually are shown as a ratio to let you know whether you’re on or off plan – so you can make adjustments accordingly.

Here’s a refresher of three key sales performance indicators (KPIs) that can be used to leverage internal data to boost revenue:

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The Evolution of Sales: Survival Guide

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  • Scott Tapp, PGi
  • Ralf VonSosen, LinkedIn
  • Colleen Stanley, Sales Leadership, Inc.
  • Tamara Schenk, Miller Heiman Research Institute
  • Brendan Cournoyer, Brainshark
  • Nita Shah, Hubspot

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Can You Send Me Some Information First?

Article by Leslie Wells (Owner of L. Wells & Associates, Inc)

Many of us have heard ,while prospecting, the infamous objection, can you send me some information prior to me meeting with you, setting up a telephone appointment with you or whatever may be your next step within your sales process. How do you identify if this request is a request that is coming from an interested party that truly wants to know more about your company prior to taking the next step or if it is simply a blow off?

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Psychological Tips to Improve a Sales Presentation

By Toke Kruse  (CEO of Slideshop.com)

Of course the primary motivation behind any sales presentation is … yes, sales. No surprise there. Sales are the reason for all your research, preparation and practice. And when your presentation materials are put together, they should forward your brand and convince the audience to try what you’re offering. Unfortunately, though, even though making sales is the objective, some presenters come across too “salesy.” They’re so assertive or insincere that they give an impression of being superficial and self-serving. That loses an audience (and sales) very quickly.

So how do you deliver a sales presentation that makes a positive impact? One tip is to explore human behavioral studies that explain how and why persuasion takes place.

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