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How to Train Your Brain to Learn Faster

By Emma Snider (HubSpot Blog)

Rapid learning is a valuable skill for salespeople since so much of sales relies on understanding a prospects’ problems and showing your expertise. Learn how you can master a large amount of information  in a limited amount of time in order to increase your sales and expertise.

How to Train Your Brain to Learn Faster


Good Prospect, Bad Prospect

By Colleen Francis (Engage Selling)

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to sell to everyone that comes into your pipeline.

I know, it’s intuitive as a salesperson to sell as much as possible, but effective salespeople know how to pick and choose which prospects to sell to. They know the good from the bad. th7T32TIPH

The reality is, not every prospect is an ideal candidate for your product or service. The sooner you learn this important lesson, the sooner you can focus on the prospects that are ideal candidates for you to work with.

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How to Leverage Internal Data to Boost Revenue

By Cameron Graham (TechnologyAdvice)

Big data has become the buzzword of this decade, with more and more companies openly admitting to collecting information about customers. Most consumers can handle parting with their personal information if they receive a relevant and personalized experience in return. This means companies who gather data and use it wisely experience better sales and higher revenue. Well, if they do their research correctly, that is.

Not sure if you’re using your internal data correctly? Here are a few ways to tell.

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Can You Send Me Some Information First?

Article by Leslie Wells (Owner of L. Wells & Associates, Inc)

Many of us have heard ,while prospecting, the infamous objection, can you send me some information prior to me meeting with you, setting up a telephone appointment with you or whatever may be your next step within your sales process. How do you identify if this request is a request that is coming from an interested party that truly wants to know more about your company prior to taking the next step or if it is simply a blow off?

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Barb Giamanco Social Centered Selling Moments Telling Isn’t Selling

By Barb Giamanco (Youtube)

Barb Giamanco and Video Ambassador, Doug Lehman, discuss why telling isn’t selling and why salespeople must show value to their customers. Watch the video below to learn more.

Do you bring value to your customers?

Barb Giamanco Social Centered Selling Moments Telling Isn’t Selling 

10 Questions To Slow Down Your Sales Process … And Result In More Sales

By Mike Carroll (blog.hubspot.com)

Sometimes the best way to increase revenue is actually to slow down. Stop rushing to the proposal stage, and instead ask yourself these 10 questions to slow down your sales process.

10 Questions To Slow Down Your Sales Process … And Result In More Sales


Psychological Tips to Improve a Sales Presentation

By Toke Kruse  (CEO of Slideshop.com)

Of course the primary motivation behind any sales presentation is … yes, sales. No surprise there. Sales are the reason for all your research, preparation and practice. And when your presentation materials are put together, they should forward your brand and convince the audience to try what you’re offering. Unfortunately, though, even though making sales is the objective, some presenters come across too “salesy.” They’re so assertive or insincere that they give an impression of being superficial and self-serving. That loses an audience (and sales) very quickly.

So how do you deliver a sales presentation that makes a positive impact? One tip is to explore human behavioral studies that explain how and why persuasion takes place.

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