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Stop The Compliments and Show Me Some Gratitude

By Lolly Daskal (Lead From Within)

There are two kinds of leaders:

Those who withhold gratitude, which we know is not good.

And then there are those who say “Thank you! Great job! Way to go! We did it!!

But the truth those words leave the person or people receiving the complete usually hollow. SJP

Don’t get me wrong.

Compliments are nice, but they are fleeting moments where good intentions do not last.

Many of us mistake compliments for gratitude.

So what is the difference?

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Why Sales People Lie to Their Clients

By Colleen Francis (Sales HQ)

Ask most people to describe a sales person, and likely as not, you’ll find yourself deluged by words like “huckster,” “snake oil peddler,” “fast talker,” “con artist” and, of course, “untrustworthy,” “arrogant” and “dishonest.”

Those of us who work in sales and know ourselves to be fine, upstanding people may wonder exactly what we ever did to earn such an enviable reputation. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is, people who sell for a living do so in an environment that is polluted by a few unscrupulous – but highly visible – individuals, who are more interested in making a short-term buck than they are in creating long-term profitable relationships with their clients. SJP

Even the most well-meaning sales people lie on occasion, and when they’re caught (as they almost invariably are), this only serves to further poison their relationships with their customers – and the selling environment for all of us.

Why sales people lie to their clients…

There are three key reasons why salespeople lie to their clients.

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Seeking Success: Do You Ask For Help?

By Daniel Newman (MillennialCEO.com)  


Have you ever had the chance to sit down with someone that you consider really successful and asked them to describe the pivotal moment or moments that changed the course of their lives?

Undoubtedly those moments will vary from one success story to the next, but there is something that I almost guarantee each of these people and their stories will have in common…They all had help.

Whether a great mentor, an inspiring teacher or perhaps some financial support, it is almost inevitable that the most successful people didn’t go at it alone.
That isn’t to suggest for even a moment that each great success story wasn’t achieved through a relentless commitment to success and to overcoming every hurdle that crossed their path.

However, what I am suggesting is that the great ones were willing to do something that so often alludes us. They asked for help. Which ultimately means they put their pride aside momentarily in order to keep their ambitions moving forward.

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What Your Coffee Says About Your Personality

By Meridith Dennes (Project Eve Blog)


A study has found that people who drink certain types of coffee share common attributes.

If you drink a latte, or add milk to your coffee, then you are likely to go out of your way to help others whereas if you prefer to drink decaffeinated coffee you are more likely to be obsessive and controlling.

Clinical psychologist Dr Ramani Durvasula conducted a study of 1,000 coffee drinkers and assessed a number of common personality styles and psychological traits.

These include introversion and extroversion; patience; perfectionism; warmth; vigilance; sensitivity; and social boldness, among others.

Black coffee drinkers were found to be “purist’ and prefer to keep things simple. They were found to be patient and simple but also set in their ways and resistant to making changes.

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Don’t Get Caught in a Vise

By Kelley Robertson ( The Robertson Training Group – Fearless Selling Blog)

“You’ll have to do better than that.”

Ever hear those words from a prospect after you quoted a price or submitted a proposal? Smart business people know that these words can yield great results because they often strike fear into a sales person’s mind.

But here’s the thing…

It’s just a negotiating tactic.

imagesThe vise is a subtle—okay, maybe not quite so subtle—way of getting someone to improve their price, offer a discount or make some other type of concession. And, it’s effective because many sales people automatically go back to the drawing board to recalculate their numbers, returning with a better price, more options or other concessions.

However, there is a more effective way to respond to this tactic and it sounds like this…

“Exactly how much better do I have to do?”

The main reason you ask this is to avoid negotiating with yourself which, by the way, is a very common occurrence.

There are two key things to keep in mind when using this response. The word “exactly” and the discipline to repeat this question several times. Here’s why.

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How Your Thinking Affects Productivity

By Mari Anne Vanella (vanellagroup.com)

“Thoughts are Things” –  Napoleon Hill images
How you think of yourself as a sales rep will translate into how you communicate to your prospect. That is a universal truth for all things, if you believe something will happen it probably will, i.e., the self fulfilling prophecy.  If you see prospects being annoyed at your calls, they will be.  Example: if you believe your cold call is a nuisance, you will project that through your voice gestures, your choice of words, and your overall interaction with your prospect.  Reps that assume their call is unwanted, often open up with statements like “am I calling at a bad time?” or “is it okay to talk for a minute?”  Or end their introduction with a question inflection–like “Hi Barbara, this is Bill Smitherton over at Imagintech?” Sending that subconscious message of “do you know who we are? you don’t huh?” Those kinds of statements immediately create a class distinction of “you don’t know me, you are better than me, your time is worth more, will you please talk to me….”  They will also say to themselves “execs never call back, no reason to leave a voice-mail.” Or, “execs don’t take cold calls, I never call without a warm intro.”

I do a lot of troubleshooting for sales teams, and one thing I continually see is the biggest obstacle to success is the belief systems reps have about engaging with prospects.  How we think about things forms the way we DO them, so sometimes what is needed is not coaching but changing a mindset.

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