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The Best Way to Network on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

By Jacqueline Whitmore (Entrepreneur.com)

Social media is a great place to network with clients and customers online, but each social network requires a different approach. Keep reading to learn the best way to network on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I usually shy away from using Facebook to network, but this article gives some great tips for using it to share ideas and show off your personal brand.

The Best Way to Network on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


Too Many Salespeople Are Not Listening

 By : Stu Schlackman (SalesGravy)SJP

The person who talks the most has the least control. Asking questions puts you in control of the conversation because it gives you the opportunity to go to a deeper level and gain better insights into the customer’s situation. Understanding customer needs makes it possible for you to recommend the best solutions and paves the way for them to choose you and your solution.

In Sales, It’s Not About You

Have you ever had a sales call turn out differently than you expected?

Several years ago I was on what I thought was one of the worst sales calls of my life. I walked into the prospects office, introduced myself and before I could sit down, he started to talk. I listened, nodded when I agreed and then listened more. One hour later, I asked my first question, “What is your biggest challenge going into the New Year?” He responded. Forty minutes later the meeting adjourned.

I felt terrible.

I never expressed my thoughts, concerns and ideas on what type of training would be appropriate for his sales team. One week later he called and said he loved our meeting and wanted to book the training for next month. WOW! Are you kidding me? And I thought I hadn’t done anything right in that meeting.

But, maybe I did.

In the book Power Questions by Andrew Sobel and Jerold Panas, the authors say that in sales, “it’s not about you. If you do all the talking, you learn nothing about the person. If you do all the talking, you’re in the spotlight. If you do all the talking, you don’t empower the other person.” The authors continue by saying, “Your job is not to listen and respond. Your job is to gain information and create a vibrant dialogue. That’s an important distinction. Tell me more is the magic key to open up the next layer of the other person’s thinking and experiences.”

Tell me more is key.

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Can Employers Control Their Employees’ LinkedIn Profiles?

By Adrienne Erin | Recruiting Blogs

An employee’s personal LinkedIn profile is not only a reflection of themselves, but also a reflection on their employer. Although companies can’t dictate what content employees publish on their personal profiles, they can subtly influence what an employee posts. Continue reading for ideas on how to encourage and educate your employees to post positive content.

Does the content in your LinkedIn personal profile positively reflect your employer? Why or why not?

employees on computers

LinkedIn Connections With Customers Leads to More Business, Study Says

According to a 2013 Sales & LinkedIn Survey, top sellers were connected to almost three times as many customers as everyone else who took the survey. Continue reading to learn about strategies used by actual survey respondents and how they leveraged LinkedIn to sell more.

Have you applied any of these strategies to connect with customers on LinkedIn? What kind of results have you typically seen?

LinkedIn Connections With Customers Leads to More Business, Study Says.


Where are the Good Salespeople? 12 Questions to Ask – Sales Evolution

Finding good salespeople tends to be a problem for many companies. A candidate may impress you in the hiring process, but fail to produce in your working environment. Learn how you can look outside your industry to find top sales talent. Start by asking yourself these 12 questions to get a better idea of what selling looks like to your company.

Where do you go to find quality salespeople?

Where are the Good Salespeople? 12 Questions to Ask – Sales Evolution.


Market Your Company and Positions to Attract Top Talent


This post is Part 2 in a Salesjournal Series on “Making Your Business Attractive to Top Talent.”  Part 1 asked “Is Your Business Attractive to Top Talent?

Attracting top talent is a struggle for almost every company. An essential element to combating this problem is being able to market your company and your positions effectively. Appealing job descriptions, marketing your open positions broadly, and making your website current and accessible are critical to your success in attracting top talent.

1. Make Your Job Description Appealing to Top Talent

Although the job description has been around for years and there have been many advancements in hiring in that time, it is still important in the talent attraction puzzle. At a minimum, it helps the hiring manager and the rest of the team get on the same page with the basic requirements and skills needed, and will lay out some of the selection criteria that will be used to assess the candidate. Continue reading Market Your Company and Positions to Attract Top Talent

Tips On Using Social Media as Your Secret Sales Weapon | LinkedIn

Social media networks are growing every day with new users. Why not tap into this large audience of people as a source for potential prospects and clients? In this article, the CEO of Hootsuite describes 3 ways to utilize social media to maximize your sales efforts.

How do you use social media in the workplace?

Tips On Using Social Media as Your Secret Sales Weapon | LinkedIn.