Deepak Chopra Shares 7 Insights to Double Sales Productivity

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Perhaps, you start early, work late, and check email on weekends – but still don’t have the level of results you planned to achieve.  It may not be your work ethic that’s holding you back. It could be your state of well-being.

SJPAt last year’s DreamforceDeepak Chopra revealed key insights on the past, present and future of well-being and its relationship to performance.

Here are seven teachings from the talk and his books plus ways to leverage these learnings to increase sales productivity.


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Try these response strategies when prospects ask tough questions…

By Michael Boyette (Top Sales Dog Blog) images

One essential ingredient in a winning sales call is your ability to field tough questions a skeptical prospect will ask. How you respond makes a huge difference.

Trouble is, far too many salespeople spend their prep time thinking and rehearsing what they plan to say on a call – and not enough time getting ready for questions a prospect is likely to ask.

Here are six response strategies that can set you apart.

29 Sales Territory Questions

By Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter”

imagesTake the time to answer the questions below to better understand your customers (and yourself!)

After you have asked yourself these questions go back and focus in on the one or two you believe could impact your business the most.

  1. What is it I really like about my clients?
  2. What is the number one thing I don’t like about my clients?
  3. What is it my clients would say they really like and appreciate about me?
  4. What is it my clients say they like about my competitors?
  5. Would my clients say I am, or am not, a valuable asset to them and why?
  6. Do I really know what the objectives are of my clients and my prospects?
  7. When clients leave me, do I really know the reason why and what am I doing about it?
  8. What are the top three reasons why people do business with me and how do I know this?
  9. What are the top three reasons why people do not do business with me and how do I know this?
  10. What are the elements of my sales call that really go well and what areas do I have trouble with and what am I doing about these?
  11. What is the really big objective I need to accomplish to grow my territory?
  12. What is keeping me from accomplishing my big objectives?
  13. What are the things I do each week that do not help me build my territory?
  14. What do I need to do to put passion into my job and to convey passion to my clients?
  15. When prospects do not buy from me, do I really know the reason why they don’t and how effective is my follow-up plan?

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The Advantage of Being Quiet

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I couldn’t believe he wouldn’t stop talking. I had been in his office for a full 45 minutes, and he had not stopped once to ask anyone else’s thoughts or to even get a response. Finally, the meeting came to a close and I had the fortunate or unfortunate opportunity to meet with him one on one.

My first question (as his friend and “outside guy”) was, “What did you learn in the meeting today?” He stumbled over his words, looking for something to say. The answer was obvious: he didn’t learn anything. The meeting had ended up being about his audience and his thoughts. This was a lost opportunity for sure.

Then, I thought back on my own career development and how many times I had done the same thing—sad, but true. All of this raises the great question, “How much should we talk and when should we simply be quiet?” [...Continue Reading...]


Are You Selling or Searching?

By Colleen Honan images

A typical day in the life of a sales person… Come in to the office. Check voice-mail  Go through prospect list and find customers marked for follow up. Call the list only to find out some of the prospects no longer work for the company, other companies have gone out of business, and others just simply aren’t ready to buy. That was a good 2 hours wasted.

Moving on to cold calling. Starting with a search engine, the sales person searches for all companies in his/her territory. Once they find the company, the search begins for the right person with whom to talk. After several phone calls, they are finally given an email address for someone who might be the right person to make a decision. The email bounces. And that’s another hour or two down the drain.

If this sounds painful and time consuming, it is. [...Continue Reading...]