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How to Revamp Your LinkedIn Profile to Sell More [Infographic]

Source: How to Revamp Your LinkedIn Profile to Sell More [Infographic]

LinkedIn is a great place for sales reps to research potential clients and reach out to new prospects.  It’s also a great place for clients and prospects to  go to learn more about sales professionals.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is compelling and appealing to potential buyers, not just a list of tasks and achievements that don’t mean anything to your customers.

Revamp Your LinkedIn Profile to Sell More




10 Things Your Sales Toolkit Should Include

Source: 10 Things Your Sales Toolkit Should Include | InsightSquared

A sales team needs to learn how to communicate with potential prospects and existing clients. Part of learning how to do that is having a uniform sales kit with plenty of resources for reps to study and learn from. Learn what resources should be included in your sales toolkit to help reps ramp up quickly and start selling effectively.

sales toolkit

This Common Email Mistake Drives Customers Away

By Geoffrey James (Inc.com)

Many sales reps use the tactic of sending funny or outrageous emails to get a response from hard to reach customers.  This is a great strategy, but if executed incorrectly, it can go very wrong and may even seem offensive to the customer. Keep reading to learn the right way to send these types of emails and make sure you get a positive response.

This Common Email Mistake Drives Customers Away 

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21 Apps to Boost Productivity, Accountability and Success

By Sujan Patel (Entrepreneur.com)

Since there’s no way to add more hours into the day, we have to learn to become more productive with the time we do have. Luckily, there are plenty of apps to help us do just that. Learn about 21 apps that are guaranteed to help you boost your productivity, accountability, and success!

21 Apps to Boost Productivity, Accountability and Success

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5 Apps To Help You Jettison The Junk

By Doug Aamoth (Fast Company)

It’s been a long winter and spring is finally here! It’s time to declutter your life, physically and digitally. Use this article to find 5 apps that will help you do just that. I especially liked the TinyScan app to help organize random papers, menus, and notes I have on my desk. It will even capture the images into PDFs that I can store in Evernote.

5 Apps To Help You Jettison The Junk


The Top Three Technologies To Improve Your Sales Process

sales technology We are living in a business world where almost every process can be improved with technology — and sales is no exception. Have you embraced technological tools so your sellers can better understand who your leads are, how to approach those leads with knowledge and confidence, and move them efficiently through the sales cycle?

In order to gain the benefits of these tools, you must understand what they are and how they work. In this post, we’ll cover some of the groundbreaking technologies that could encourage your sellers to start generating better results.

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
Most sellers work best when functioning as part of an integrated system that includes sales, customer service and marketing. It is essential for these three customer-facing components to work together to make sure leads advance productively through the sales funnel.

In order to ensure success, consider a CRM software platform that allows different users from across the company to track and reference customer interactions. As a result, your sellers can use the CRM system to know what messages leads have already heard from your organization. This will help them decide how to approach the lead to keep the relationship progressing at the appropriate rate.

2. Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software
Setting accurate prices quickly based on changing market conditions is often one of the hardest things your company has to do — prices should be low enough to remain competitive, but not so low that they eat your profit margins.

In the past, setting prices was usually done through guesswork and intuition. Now, with CPQ software, that no longer has to be the case. CPQ software can give your sellers all the business data they need to quickly configure a price they can feel confident about. In addition, they can provide quotes to their leads quicker, which may increase the likelihood of closing the sale.

CPQ software also tracks supply and demand so that you can accurately predict prices. This means your sellers will be more equipped to determine whether a particular deal makes sense for the long-term profitability of the business.

3. Mobile Devices
Empowering your sellers to use mobile devices makes a lot of sense for one key reason: most of your sellers are likely frequent mobile users in their personal lives, meaning they are already primed to make the most out of the possibilities that mobile offers businesswise. In fact, you may even be able to institute a BYOD program that delivers the best of both worlds for everyone involved: sellers get to use their personal devices, while your organization can avoid making a significant new investment in equipment.

Particularly useful for sellers, mobile devices can organize information in one place. This could include everything from performance data to client references. Expecting sellers to carry hard copies of all these things is impractical. Instead, they can access what they need directly from their mobile device, allowing them to be more organized and self-assured in front of their leads.

Final Thoughts
As a sales manager, everywhere you look there is new technology available to help your sales staff close more deals and drive more revenue. Explore some of the technologies described in this post, and see how they can fully benefit your organization today.

Ron Mouw is the Vice President of Business Development for Chicago-based company Configure One. Mr. Mouw has served in this position for the last 15 years, and is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point.

15 Ideas for Selling with LinkedIn

By Mike Schultz (RAIN Selling Blog)

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for sales reps and even 89.9 percent of top sellers view LinkedIn as an essential tool. Keep reading to learn 15 ideas for selling with LinkedIn that will help you build important business relationships and improve your social selling.

15 Ideas for Selling with LinkedIn