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How the Best Sales VPs Structure Sales Training to Optimize Talent | InsightSquared

Sales executives often mistake sales talent as either you have it, or you don’t. Learn how the best Sales VPs dismiss that notion and continuously develop sales talent through 4 crucial stages.

What are some other differences you’ve seen between average Sales VPs and exceptional Sales VPs?

How the Best Sales VPs Structure Sales Training to Optimize Talent | InsightSquared.

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Eight Ways to Approach Your Sales Job Like an Endurance Athlete

What do a salesperson and an endurance athlete have in common? Surprisingly, a lot more than you may think. In this article, Brittany Rasonet describes how these similarities- whether it’s prepping for a big meeting or a half marathon – will help contribute to your sales success.

What are other similarities can be found in salespeople and athletes?

Eight Ways to Approach Your Sales Job Like an Endurance Athlete.

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Recharge Your Sales Team for the Second Half

Recharge your Sales TeamBy Kathleen Steffey

At the mid-point of the year, now is the time to start thinking about where you stand against your plan, how your team is performing, and what you need to do in the second half of the year.  But before you get fully into your planning, take a little time to think about how to engage your most important asset – your team.

The second half of the year is critical to achieving your goals so you need your team fully engaged and motivated the the tasks ahead.  I thought I would share a few items to think about as you engage your team after the 4th of July holiday week.

  1. Recognize and reward the team for the first-half of the year.  Make it fun. Engage as many as you can in identifying the awards and the winners.  Give some awards for sales results, best team mate, most improved.  Seek out the positives to celebrate.  A great site for getting ideas for daily recognition is http://bvblog.baudville.com/.
  2. Invest in some training.  One suggestion would be to focus on some interpersonal skills training.  Often this training is fun and creates some great team dynamics.
  3. Get out of the office for some team building activities. Make sure the activity is something that will engage the entire team.  A great site to find some ideas or get assistance is http://www.corporateteams.com/.
  4. Review the current work environment and identify opportunities to remove dissatisfiers.  Often there are steps in your sales process or activities you require that create frustration or complaints from your team.  Revisit the reasons for including these tasks in the first place and engage the team to identify better ways to achieve your goals.

These are just a few suggestions for how to engage and motivate your team.

Please chime in with some of your own ideas or suggested websites to use as resources.  We would love to hear from you.